Jess Roth


Jess Roth is a genderfluid pansexual Colorado native who loves to write and read about queer kids falling in love. They graduated from CU Boulder with a double degree in Computer Science and Japanese. They have been writing and posting fan fiction since 2012, and after three years in the software industry, they decided to quit their job and forge a career writing original fiction.

In addition to their never-ending obsession with the color purple, Jess enjoys discussing and learning about LGBTQIA* issues; reading and watching as much science fiction as they can get their hands on; baking a variety of desserts; all sorts of humor, but especially dark comedy; tabletop and computer games; increased diversity in media; pedagogy and improving education through technology; and most importantly, making lists.

Jess is still figuring out what they want to be when they grow up, but for now, the writing gig is pretty sweet.


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