Brannan Black

When Brannan Black was a teenager she would sit for hours at a time reading fantasy books, her mind lost in other worlds.  Often times she would be unaware of the world as the characters played out scenarios in her mind.  When she had children she found that she no longer had time for reading as she would often feel like ignoring her kids.  So she set down her books to tend to her children but her mind continued to create vivid stories.  When watching a TV program little “what if’s” would run through her brain.  Earlier in her life she used to write down these “what if’s” but she found it difficult to write these on paper as they would end up with scribbled out sentences and words trailing down the edge of the page.

Now a-days, the advent of the computer and the fact that her kids have moved away caused her to rethink writing.  One day she woke from a particularly vivid dream and went straight to her computer to write a story about it.  Since that dream she has several books published, most finding their stories and character inspirations from dreams.  ”My characters often start in my dreams then grow in daydreams.  I guess they kick around in my head for a while until a story starts to form” says Brannan Black “.  In a lot of ways my muse is kinda like an alter ego.  She allows me to explore the what if’s in life, like what if the world ended this way, how would the normal person react?”

Having a realistic feel to the plot and action is important to her.  And action, even violence is a big part of her work.  She feels that part of reality is showing the driving forces behind people.  The emotional connections we all long to make along with the violence we can all feel.  “The biggest driving force behind people is emotional connections, and that often entails sex as a form of connection”.  Brannan describes her stories containing no few steamy passages.  But beyond the sex is a level of emotions that help bind characters together and help the reader understand who her characters are.  “The saying it’s always the darkest before the dawn I find to be particularly true, you can’t have growth without the pain to get you there,” Brannan Black states.  “So my stories tend to be a little on the darker side, but I find it is important not to downplay what my characters are feeling, and how the changes they are going through affects them”.

For Brannan Black writing is not just a hobby, it’s her life.  She finds her purpose in letting characters live through her writing, and letting people know that voice inside her head.  Brannan explains “To me writing is more than just a profession; it’s a way of life.  It’s a way to connect what’s inside of me to be able to touch other people, whether they learn something profound from my books or are able to just get a little R&R from the rest of the world”.