Backlist Bonanza: A Vampire Out of Time, by Patrick Wendling-Markwell

745bfb4349ee387898363409a141d231f30ab20dMatthew is having a hard time believing the direction his life has taken. Luck seems to abound once he meets Jarred. However, Jarred harbors a secret; a secret which turns Matthew’s world upside down. After a chance meeting with a vampire, the world has to do something in order to prevent a paradox. Matthew is hurled back through time by nearly three thousand years. He quickly creates a small coven of vampires. His small coven become his lovers who follow him through time back to present day where they have to begin the process of hunting down rogue evil vampires. Matthew wants to destroy a particular evil and regain his two lost loves, Jarred and Apollon. Back in present day reality, Matthew brings together humans and vampires alike to form an army so he can wage war. Then, in steps three new types of allies all ready to fight by his side and maybe bring a bit more love and chaos to his life.