New Releases by Jason Nichols!

Back to His Roots (Crimes of Passion, Book 1)

by Jason Nichols and Kimber Kahn

Most asphalt road. Shallow depth of fieldFeeling lost in the world of Hollywood fame and glamour, young Jerrod McClain feels he is missing something. After coming out of the closet on live television in front of the entire world, he goes back home to the deep South in order to fill the void in his heart.

When he gets home chaos ensues and Hell on Earth erupts around him as he tries to put things right. Tears and blood are what it seems is required of him to get back to his roots and finally be able to live with love and peace in his heart.



The Lost Fighters (The Lost Men, Book 1)

by Jason Nichols

The Lost FigherGuff was a lost man. Leading a secret life as Vance McCarthy, the MMA Champion Fighter, was not enough for him. His lover had been murdered a few years back and he was living life from one day to the next. A friend told him about an underground porn fighting organization.

Deciding to give it a shot, he shows up and gives it a whirl. Each day for a week, every fighter, be they straight or gay, fights an opponent. The loser is strapped to a bench and used by the one who defeated him while an audience watches. When done, the owner of the studio auctions off the loser to one member of the audience who then gets to make use of the loser in any way he sees fit, as long as no injuries are caused. The fights and the entertainment following the fights is filmed and put online. At the end of the week, a big fight, with all the previous winners is staged and only one can remain standing as the Grand Champion.

Guff is paired with Charles and over the next few days they develop feelings for one another. Will Charles be the man who finds Guff and sets him free?


Backlist Bonanza: Dragon vs. Snake, by Jason Nichols

Dragon vs SnakeNicholas the Crown Prince of the Snake Shifter Kingdom meets Edward the Crown Prince of the Dragon Shifter Kingdom. Sparks fly immediately and not just of the intimate kind. There is a traitor in the midst… their fathers find out and war ensues. In order to prevent too much damage from being done the two have to undergo a ritual sexual ceremony with witnesses for Mother Nature to bind them together.

Be wary though; trying to come between Mother Nature and her bondings can have serious consequences. Disaster strikes and lives change all around. However, the sex is still hot and defies all normal laws of physics.

Book One in the Shifter Royalty series.


And don’t miss the sequel, Wolf vs. Bat (Book Two of the Shifter Royalty series.)

Wolf vs Bat

Four years after becoming the King of the Wolf Shifter Kingdom, Riley rescues a Prince from the Bat Shifter Kingdom named Anghel. A small group of humans in Transylvania had seen them transforming and took to the forest with fire killing the King, Queen and Heir to the Crown of the Bats. Anghel stood second in line to the throne and now with his parents and sister dead, Anghel assumes the crown and so much more.

After Anghel is rescued, he is stunned to find his mate, Riley the Wolf King, taking care of him. At first he balks but Nature will have her way. Will Riley be the sub Anghel has always needed for his inner Dom? Shifting Royalty from around the world is descending on Romania and will come to bear witness. But is all right within the Bat and Wolf Kingdoms or does someone have a problem? More impossible intense sexual scenes await within.