Available for Pre-Order: Horse Crazy, by Caitlin Ricci

Available January 28

horsecrazy400Melody and her teenage daughter, Kristen, have moved to Colorado for a fresh start. She’s still not 100% where she wants to be in terms of her body yet but she is finally comfortable with herself and is living completely as a woman for the first time in her life. To thank Kristen for being so wonderful she promises her daughter riding lessons, something her little girl has always dreamed of.

While waiting for the lesson to start, she’s happy to see her daughter amidst the horses that she loves so much, but Melody does not expect the handsome man who sits down next to her—a man who proves to be Kristen’s instructor and idol—to be interested in taking Melody out on a date…

Part of the Geek Out Bundle of Trans* and GenderQueer Romance from Less Than Three Press. 


Horse Crazy




Available Now: Artistic Endeavor, by Whitley Gray

perf5.000x8.000.inddWhen friends ask one-night stand connoisseur Michael Esteban to introduce college professor and virgin Cobey Miller to the joys of sex, Michael balks. Lust is his thing, not leading a twenty-five year old novice. But shy Cobey has problems meeting men, and their introduction fuels Michael’s decision to help Cobey become a gay-sex-loving guy. It’ll all be fun and games—unless someone falls in love.





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Available for Pre-Order: Fire & Rain, by Carter Quinn

Available January 27

Fire-Rain_book-cover_FINALEric Walker has learned hard lessons from his past. He’s no longer the alcoholic husband hiding in the closet. He’s no longer the guy who tried to steal his brother’s boyfriend. He has two items on his agenda: fix his relationship with his brother, Jason, and find his own soul mate. But when it comes to relationships, Eric’s track record looks more like a train wreck. He craves intimacy almost as much as he fears reverting to his old ways.

Johnny Osborne has watched Eric mature over the last year and a half and has fallen in love with him in the process. He’s tried being patient, but it’s gotten him nowhere. No matter how many disastrous blind dates Johnny sets Eric up on, Eric seems determined to consider everyone but the man who’s been right in front of him all along.

Eric and Johnny aren’t the only ones struggling with their emotions. After his apartment burns down, their coworker, Travis, can’t choose between the guy he’s been crushing on and the guy he’s afraid to love. He seems determined to re-enact every blunder of Eric’s past. Will Travis learn from Eric’s mistakes before the man who loves him walks away for good? Will Eric ever see that best friends make the best lovers?


FREE Short Story: Chapter Five and the Axe-Wielding Maniac, by Marie Sexton

Chapter-5-for-AmazonAuthor Joshua Franklin Hill has a bad case of writer’s block. When an axe-wielding maniac knocks on his front door and asks to dig up his living room floor, he figures his Monday from hell is complete.

But an axe-wielding maniac may be just what Josh needs.

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And don’t forget to pre-order the sequel, Apartment 14 and the Devil Next Door, Available January 27! 

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Available Now: Crash Pad, by Whitley Gray

Crash Pad cover mock-upPhysician Remy Marshall has two loves: Emergency Medicine and running. Work doesn’t leave much time to meet guys, and most seem more interested in his bank account than him. With a week off to train for a marathon, Remy plans to make the most of his precious vacation. The last thing he needs is a distraction.

Jamie Sutton is new to the area. He hopes to make a fresh start after leaving an abusive relationship with an orthopedic surgeon. He’s got a new job as a massage therapist and wants to meet some nice guys. Against his better judgment, Jamie decides the best way to meet a cute rollerblader he’s seen in the park is on wheels.

With attention on his watch and not where he’s going, Remy crashes into Jamie and fractures the first-time rollerblader’s ankle. Jamie has no one to help him after the injury; Remy proposes Jamie stay with him. Jamie is reluctant, but it’s a better option than staying with the odd guy in the neighboring motel room. As the two get acquainted, Jamie’s past comes calling. Remy discovers the prize he really wants isn’t a medal in a marathon, but the man right in front of him.


From Loose Id

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Available Now: Missed Connections Anthology

PrintA fleeting glance across a crowded space. Trains passing by in the night. Paths that once split unexpectedly cross again. Old friends reunited. Sometimes rediscovering a person and having new feelings can be just as intense as an initial spark. Less Than Three Press presents an anthology of stories about people who get a second chance to connect…

This volumes includes:

Marooned by Diana Sheridan
In Deepest Waters by Angel Propps
Fumbling Toward Crescendo by Jamie Sullivan
Past Due Diligence by Elena Alexandrescu
Savior by Mina MacLeod
Captive Heart by Cassandra Pierce
First Guy Kiss by Cecil Wilde
Evergreen by Cari Z.
Love Among the Pines by Caitlin Ricci
Beware of Doors by Sara Fox
Don’t Talk to Strangers by C.J. Munoz
Lessons on Giving by Valerie Mores
Rab+Rob 4ever by Lucy Kemnitzer


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Backlist Bonanza: Dragon vs. Snake, by Jason Nichols

Dragon vs SnakeNicholas the Crown Prince of the Snake Shifter Kingdom meets Edward the Crown Prince of the Dragon Shifter Kingdom. Sparks fly immediately and not just of the intimate kind. There is a traitor in the midst… their fathers find out and war ensues. In order to prevent too much damage from being done the two have to undergo a ritual sexual ceremony with witnesses for Mother Nature to bind them together.

Be wary though; trying to come between Mother Nature and her bondings can have serious consequences. Disaster strikes and lives change all around. However, the sex is still hot and defies all normal laws of physics.

Book One in the Shifter Royalty series.


And don’t miss the sequel, Wolf vs. Bat (Book Two of the Shifter Royalty series.)

Wolf vs Bat

Four years after becoming the King of the Wolf Shifter Kingdom, Riley rescues a Prince from the Bat Shifter Kingdom named Anghel. A small group of humans in Transylvania had seen them transforming and took to the forest with fire killing the King, Queen and Heir to the Crown of the Bats. Anghel stood second in line to the throne and now with his parents and sister dead, Anghel assumes the crown and so much more.

After Anghel is rescued, he is stunned to find his mate, Riley the Wolf King, taking care of him. At first he balks but Nature will have her way. Will Riley be the sub Anghel has always needed for his inner Dom? Shifting Royalty from around the world is descending on Romania and will come to bear witness. But is all right within the Bat and Wolf Kingdoms or does someone have a problem? More impossible intense sexual scenes await within.

Backlist Bonanza: The Way Back, by Carter Quinn


In his freshman year of college, Riley Evans met the best friends he ever thought he’d have, Jason and Eric. When his friendship with Eric turned into something much more, it ended as suddenly as it began, leaving Riley devastated. He hasn’t let anyone near his heart since. Until now. When Riley needed him most, Jason was there to help pick up the pieces. Six years later, he’s back in Riley’s life.

Riley is slowly letting Jason past his defenses and is starting to accept how good they are together. They’re even planning their first romantic weekend getaway when, out of the blue, Eric calls, claiming he wants Riley back. Riley has been pining for Eric for six years, but now he has a brand new relationship with Jason to consider.

Jason-who has always been there when Riley needs him, who puts Riley’s happiness above his own, even if that means his own heart will suffer-insists Riley face his old feelings for Eric to make sure they’re really gone. But are they? How long will it take Riley to figure it out? And how long will Jason wait?

“A successful debut from an author who I will be watching out for in the future –Aurora, Bittersweet Reviews, 4 stars.”

“The emotions between the guys were palpable and I loved that they weren’t shy about showing that they cared.” –Wave, Reviews by Jessewave, 4.25 stars

“I loved this book! I laughed, I cried, I laughed while I cried… this book is just a complete plethora of emotion.” –Tams, MM Goodbook Reviews, 5 Hearts


Backlist Bonanza: Song of Oestend, by Marie Sexton

songofoestend_800-1Symbols have power…

Aren Montrell has heard tales of the Oestend wraiths – mysterious creatures which come in the night and kill anyone who’s not indoors. Aren’s never had reason to believe the stories, but when he takes a job as a bookkeeper on the BarChi, a dusty cattle ranch on the remote Oestend prairie, he soon learns that the wraiths are real. Aren suddenly finds himself living in a supposedly haunted house and depending on wards and generators to protect him from unseen things in the night. As if that’s not enough, he has to deal with a crotchety old blind woman, face “cows” that look like nothing he’s ever seen before, and try to ignore the fact that he’s apparently the most eligible bachelor around.

Aren also finds himself the one and only confidante of Deacon, the BarChi’s burly foreman. Deacon runs the BarChi with an iron fist and is obviously relieved to finally have somebody he can talk to. As their relationship grows, Aren learns there’s more to Deacon and the BarChi than he’d anticipated. Deacon seems determined to deny both his Oestend heritage and any claim he may have to the BarChi ranch, but if Aren is to survive the perils of Oestend, he’ll will have to convince Deacon to stop running from the past and finally claim everything that’s his.

1st Place for Best Gay Fantasy in the 2011 Rainbow Awards
1st Place for Best Character Development in the 2011 Rainbow Awards
Honorable mention for Best Gay Novel in the 2011 Rainbow Awards
A finalist for the 2012 CRW Award of Excellence for Paranormal/Fantasy


On Call: The Collection, by PD Singer



The new doctor in town, Keith Hoyer has to relinquish care of his new patient, veterinarian Dante James, to privately treat their mutual cases of incurable attraction and terminal romance, complicated with relapsing lust.

Their backgrounds are different, their practices accidentally overlap, and their pasts have some hidden traps to negotiate. A fat, injured tabby cat, a truth-extracting, wounded dog, and a teen with a heartbreaking secret need Keith and Dante’s help. Every patient, furry or human, brings them a little closer together.

The collection contains the full texts of On Call: Afternoon, On Call: Dancing, and On Call: Crossroads, all the bonus stories, and Dante’s Wish. Thirty thousand words comprising eight linked stories.