Anthology Submissions

This is the information for the Out in Colorado anthologies. You must be a member of Out in Colorado Fiction to submit to these anthologies. To join, please email Caitlin at
All submissions should be sent to
Submissions must be received by December 31st, 2016 for Out in Colorado III.
The usual publisher no goes also apply here. If you have questions about what is or is not acceptable then please email Caitlin.
Stories must be at least 3,500 words in length with a max of 25,000 words.
All anthology copies sold go to cover group event costs such as our space at pride fests, the purchase of the print anthology copies, and those bags that people get when they buy books. Eventually the plan is also to be able to go on a group resort, with much of the cost being paid for by these anthologies.
Six months after the anthology is released, your individual books can be uploaded by yourself for sale. That money is yours.
The anthology will be for sale for one year. After that you are free to do whatever you’d like with your stories. The digital copies will be removed from sale. Any remaining physical stock will be sold at events for the regular $10 cover price. New print copies will not be ordered after that one year is up.
Any level of sex is fine.
Stories must have at least one GLBTQ+ main character.
Romance is not required, neither is an HEA.
Stories must be works of fiction. No poetry or articles.
Must be set at least mostly in Colorado.
Re-releases will be accepted as long as they are not available in other Out in Colorado anthologies, even ones that are no longer available. That’s not fair to readers who collect them each year.
You can send in more than one story.
No young adult stories. 18 is fine. But because of the sexual content of the other stories in the anthology a short about a 14 year old and their first crush, for example, wouldn’t fit into the anthology.
Ordering Copies:
If you contributed to the anthology (author, formatter, cover artist, editor) you’re entitled to 1 free copy. Additional copies can be purchased for $7 each. If you did not contribute to the anthology but would like a copy, they can be purchased for the retail price of $10 each.