Available Now: Artistic Endeavor, by Whitley Gray

perf5.000x8.000.inddWhen friends ask one-night stand connoisseur Michael Esteban to introduce college professor and virgin Cobey Miller to the joys of sex, Michael balks. Lust is his thing, not leading a twenty-five year old novice. But shy Cobey has problems meeting men, and their introduction fuels Michael’s decision to help Cobey become a gay-sex-loving guy. It’ll all be fun and games—unless someone falls in love.





Learn more at: www.whitleygray.com

Read an excerpt below…

Michael raised his eyebrows. “So you’ve never…made it through a date?”

For a moment Cobey went deer in the headlights, then grimaced. “If you’re asking me if I’ve ever gone all the way, the answer is no.”

So it was true. A twenty-five year old virgin with maybe some experience kissing and groping. And somehow Michael had to devise a plan that would ease Cobey into the joys of gay sex without scaring him off. Without taking advantage.

A decade ago, Michael had been an inexperienced kid; he and another boy had initiated each other at summer camp. Two virgins, a couple of online videos, and some stolen supplies. It hadn’t been a lot of fun, but it had served an educational purpose. College had allowed him to experiment and gain skill. Since then, Michael had enjoyed a series of men, none of whom were virgins. Many he’d only known a few hours before they’d jumped into bed.

The two guys Cobey had “dated” must not have known he had no experience. Either that or they hadn’t cared, only wanting self-satisfaction. Cobey was beautiful. He would have attracted guys effortlessly—that wasn’t the problem. He hadn’t done a great job picking whose overture to accept.

Michael pushed his plate aside. “Can I ask what you have done?”

Cobey flushed. “Kissed.”

For a few seconds Michael waited, but nothing else was forthcoming. “Anything else?”

“No.” The stormy green of Cobey’s eyes turned thunderous. “Is that a problem?”

“No, not at all.” Michael chewed the inside of his cheek. A long road here, Esteban. Sure you’re up to it?

“Look. I’m an anomaly. I know less than most guys ten years younger than me. The circumstances made it impossible—”

“I understand, and it’s okay. Doesn’t mean it’s too late. Never too late.”

Cobey’s shoulders sagged. “Sure?”

“Positive. What are you looking for? A relationship? Getting laid? Gaining experience?”

“Right now I want to explore sex, but not on a meet and go straight to bed kind of timeline. I want it to be comfortable and meaningful.”

Fuck. In Michael’s experience, meaningful meant painful. After all, hadn’t he thought he and Lou had had something like that? The man had left Michael at the altar with two rings and a broken heart. Meaningful was a deal breaker. “Sex doesn’t have to mean commitment. It’s okay to have a casual thing that only involves sex, and it’s far less complicated than a relationship.”

“So you’ve done that?”

“Many times.”

“Does it bother you to have sex without an emotional investment?”

“At the risk of sounding slutty, no.” Not to mention healthier for his heart.



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